Tenax TR Turf Reinforcement


Tenax Turf Reinforcement is the ideal solution for temporary parking and protecting lawns and grassy areas from tire damage. Made with a natural green color, Turf Reinforcement is extruded using a specially designed and UV stabilized polyethylene mesh. This mesh can also be used on concrete and asphalt parking lots to add more traction and help reduce storm water runoff. Although not as strong as Tenax Trackway or GP-Flex, Turf Reinforcement works well for pedestrian traffic, cars, and lightweight trucks. As grass grows between the mesh, it becomes more stable and nearly invisible. For optimal results, this grass reinforcement should be installed in the spring.

Direct drivers to designated, temporary parking spots with Tenax Parking Markers.


Turf Reinforcement Is Ideal For:

Extra parking for concerts, fairs, and festivals

RV parks

Golf cart paths

Residential parking for cars, RVs, and boats

Farmyard vehicles

Over-flow parking


Turf Reinforcement Features:

Installs easily with 2A060016 metal fixing pins

UV stabilized

Works with grass or on asphalt and concrete

Polyethylene extruded mesh

Natural-looking green color


Tenax Turf Reinforcement Specifications:
Product Code: Sizes: Mesh: Colors: Rolls/Pallet:
64313308 6.7' x 100' 1.375" x 1.25" Green 9


Tire on Tenax Turf Reinforcement TR Protection MeshTenax Turf Reinforcement Mesh Closeup View


Although Tenax manufactures some of the most slip resistant grass protection mesh available, climatic and ground conditions may affect individual resistance. Until grass grows through the mesh and becomes established, the ground protection may be slippery when wet. Exercise caution if pedestrians are allowed to walk on the mesh before the mesh has been established.