Tenax Silt Fence

Tenax offers a full series of fence materials specially engineered for erosion control and landscaping. For heavy-duty work sites, these mesh barriers are perfect for fencing off construction areas on the side of highways or keeping grass safe while it grows.

Tenax's Silt Fence comes in 2 and 3 foot heights and is made from a special black woven polypropylene polymer. Each roll has roughly 11 stakes per 100 feet and four or five staples. Wooden stakes for slit fencing measures either 1" by 1" by 36" or 1" by 1" by 42". Slit fences offer TD and MD tensile strengths of 20 pounds per foot.


Tenax Silt Fence Features:
MD trap tear: 17 pounds

TD trap tear: 14 pounds

UV resistance at 500 hours: 70 retained

Mullen burst: 120 PSI

Mass per unit area: 1.5 oz / yard²

Water flow rate: 20 gal/min/ft²


Tenax Slit Fence Specifications:
Product Code: Sizes: Mesh: Colors: Rolls/Pallet:
31900500 2' x 100' N/A Black 25
31900700 3' x 100' N/A Black 25


Tenax Slit Fences for Construction Sites Tenax silt fence close-up

Tenax silt fence Tenax silt fence