Tenax Yard Protection

Unlike most grass meshes, Tenax Yard Protection was specifically designed to be planted on the ground where lightweight vehicles commonly drive. After 2 to 3 months, the mesh is nearly invisible and adds extra reinforcement to grass roots and other vegetation. This grass protection net doesn't need to be removed and helps prevent vehicle wheels from rutting. Once installed, the netting provides additional stability and the naturally green look of a healthy yard.

Tenax Yard Protection mesh is ideal for a variety of applications, including temporary parking, driving on grass, keeping grass and roots safe, and preventing vehicle tires from rutting in soggy ground. With its signature two-panel design, this fencing material is one of Tenax's strongest designs, durable enough for cars, boats, and even RVs.

Tenax Yard Protection YP Features:

Manufactured from high density polyethylene polymer

Diamond structure mesh

UV stabilizer

MD tensile strength: 150 lbs / ft

TD tensile strength: 150 lbs / ft

MD pitch: 1.4 inches

TD pitch: 1.4 inches



Tenax Yard Protection Specifications:
Product Code: Sizes: Mesh: Colors: Weight Per Roll:

3.35' x 40'

1.4" x 1.4" Green 9.7 lbs.
Tenax Yard Protection Mesh for Cars