Tenax Home Fencing

Tenax Home Fence is an incredibly versatile and economically king border fence. It works great as a permanent fence and can either be free standing or attached to an existing structure for improved stability. Home Fence also works perfectly as a temporary fence since it is both reusable and incredibly affordable. It is easy to work with and when cut with a utility knife leaves no sharp edges behind, making this fence extremely safe.

Tenax Home Fence Specifications:
Product Code: Sizes: Mesh: Colors: Rolls/Pallet:
92079206 2' x 25' 2" x 2 Green 144
2A100022 2' x 25' 2" x 2" White 144
92078406 3' x 25' 2" x 2 Green 72
92078806 4' x 50' 2" x 2" Green 36

Tenax Home Fence