Tenax GP-Flex

The next generation of ground protection, GP-Flex is one of Tenax's newest products. While strong, other Tenax grass protection meshes just weren't strong enough. Constantly innovating, Tenax stays ahead of the game by introducing better products all the time. GP-Flex provides stronger, more durable support and features improved slip resistance and flexibility.

Tested to the highest BS 7976-2 slip resistance standards, GP-Flex currently boasts 33% more resistance than the leading competition. Like other yard protection meshes, grass and other vegetation can grow through GP-Flex while offering additional support for lightweight vehicles for yards, lawns, and farms. However, unlike most other yard netting, GP-Flex is manufactured using a unique extrusion method from HDPE + EVA polymers and polyolefin, making it completely recyclable. The high-density foam provides additional protection while absorbing shock and reinforcing, protecting, and anchoring grass roots.

The 1800g Model of the GP-Flex is capable of providing occasional protection for heavier vehicles, including fire eninges and refuse trucks. GP-Flex can be anchored with metal fixing pins and parking bays can be marked off with TENAX parking markers.


GP-Flex 1800 Features

HDPE + EVA polymer

Rhomboidal mesh structure

UV stabilizer

55.0% residual thickness at 500 kPa

20% MD elongation

MD tensile strength: 788.2 lbs / ft

Installs faster than other ground protection meshes


Tenax GP-Flex 1800 Specifications:
Product Code: Sizes: Mesh: Colors: Rolls/Pallet:
1A090471 6.7' x 66' N/A Green/Brown 4
Tenax GP Flex Net Tenax GP Flex net in parking lot