Tenax Parking Markers TR/GP

Not all parking lots are paved. Tenax parking markers are great for securing turf reinforcement mats and other erosion control applications to the ground. Tenax ground protection fences are perfect for parking cars on top of grassy or muddy areas without damaging the ground or cars getting stuck, but it can be difficult to determine where to park for larger lots. These highly-visible white parking markers were designed to go directly into the ground and mark off restricted areas. Push the markers through fencing mesh into the ground and the marker will help drivers determine where to park their vehicles. While these markers will work with most Tenax fences, they are ideal for Turf Reinforcement, GP-Flex 1800, Yard Protection, and Trackaway. Sold in cases of 100.

Ideal Uses

Over-flow parking
RV parks
Golf gart paths
Residential parking for cars, boats & RVs
Farmyard vehicles
Auxiliary parking areas for concerts, fairs & festivals


Tenax Parking Marker TR/GP Specifications:
Product Code: Sizes: Colors: Case Quantity:
3A032242 4" White 100

Plastic Parking Markers for Tenax Fences