Tenax RF2

Tenax designed RF2 as a cheap alternative to metal mesh typically used for concrete crack prevention. A bit different than RF1, RF2 metal mesh is specifically designed for use with thick, high-grain stucco. Installing RF2 is easier than installing traditional materials, as the fencing molds to the pits and grooves of the base structure in a way other materials won't. Tenax's design was also engineered to last for years, so it won't oxidize or rust the way other materials might.

This bi-oriented net has a MD tensile strength of over 1020 pounds per foot and a TD tensile strength of approximately 1508 pounds per foot. The polypropylene polymer has a quadrangular structure and is available in 5 foot and 6.5 foot heights. Crackstop RF2 is highly flexible and is easy to lay across a concrete floor. The fencing is resistant to chemical agents, unaffected by alkali, and reinforces existing concrete structures, stucco, and paneling.

RF2 can be used to reinforce concrete slabs with up to an 8 cm thickness or screeds up to 5 cm. The metal mesh is also ideal for rebuilding and restoring old, unstable walls and structures. This fencing is also perfect for manufacturing prefabricated panels, reinforcing stepping stones, and numerous other residential applications.


Tenax RF2 Specifications:
Product Code: Sizes: Mesh: Colors: Rolls/Pallet:
60303251 5' x 165' 2" x 2.8" Grey N/A
60299261 6.5' x 165' 2" x 2.8" Grey N/A
Tenax Metallic Concrete and Construction Barrier Fence Tenax Metallic Concrete and Construction Barrier Fence